The Best OCR and Trail Shoes on the Planet...

Born in the Finnish Forests
Perfected by Rough Conditions

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Designed for Trail & OCR

Perfect for long technical runs

Full length rock plate 

Cushioned for more comfort

Wider toe box

Butyl rubber sole

5mm Lugs

4mm Drop



Designed for Trail & OCR

Ultimate Grip & Drainage

Half length rock plate

Less cushion, more grip

Narrow to normal toe box

Butyl rubber sole

6mm Lugs

6mm Drop



Designed for Trail & OCR

Ideal for shorter runs/races

Half length rock plate

Minimal design for speed

Narrow toe box

Butyl rubber sole

4mm Lugs

4mm Drop


VJ Sport MAXx

Designed for Ultra Running

Less technical trails

More cushioning

Normal toe box

Butyl rubber sole

3mm Lugs

4mm Drop



Shoes arrived, look unreal! Fit perfectly!

Can’t wait to test them out!

Thanks again!!

- Mitchell

Great service! Can't wait to test my new irocks out at Picton this weekend. After training in them I am so impressed with how sticky they are. Some people are now calling me Spider-Man! If you don't have these - get them!

Ian Foster

Got them!! Thanks Elyse you have been a pleasure to deal with. & your shoes are amazing


So these shoes rock!!! Anyone looking for the perfect OCR shoe, look no further, these things are the bomb comfortable strong and grippy as, whether you're balancing, climbing or just trail running these shoes are the best, and the service is awesome, landed on my door step within 2 days of ordering, just message these guys and they will hook you up with a pair of the best shoes!!!! 

Gary Baker

Omfg!!!! First trail run in these bad boys and I am utterly blown away by how good they are!! The fit was sensational and the security underfoot is 2nd to none. Starting on a fire track I thought "yeah these are cool, nice cushioning". Then I hit a technical, undulating, single track section and it was like a switch was flicked and these things went into supersonic mode. 
I was massively skeptical about these thinking they were just the new hype thing and at a steep price point I initially scoffed. Biting the bullet and getting a pair I was nervous. These things are an absolute game changer in the trail running and obstacle course racing scene. Simply amazing!

Trent Burrows

I've been running OCR for 4 years, and have been pretty solidly testing different brands and styles over distances from 5km to 100km+ ultra marathons. Obstacle racers will usually rate shoes based on 3 things: fit, grip and durability. Irocks have all 3 of these. They have a fit similar to Inov8's (not unreasonably rigid and narrow), they are as grippy as Icebugs, and currently they are holding together through heavy mileage like champions. I'm sold on these!

Jeffrey Malone

They are amazing, super comfortable and extremely grippy on the slippery stuff! Do yourself a favour.

Dan Kristee

Got these as a surprise for my husband and he LOVES them. Very light has excellent grip and the service and support was fantastic. Ordered and paid for them and they arrived in 3 days. I would highly recommend these shoes and this business to anyone. You won't regret buying them.

Danni Hull

I don't rock but your shoes do! Cheers and please don't stop selling these shoes, they are the best in the world.

A. Mullholland

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